I’ve Been Afraid of Changing….

Have you ever heard the song "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac? In the live version, Stevie Nicks begins it by saying "this is for you daddy." However, I have read that the song is more about relationships and sacrifices. And as of late, I find myself listening to this song, and thinking about my own life. … Continue reading I’ve Been Afraid of Changing….

Once Before

There is a dark cloud coming down, faster than ever before. Its presence made known to all around, even before knocking on the door.   It's a prison of sorts, for the innocents, those who have lived it before. It will take and take, until one suffocates, leaving to search for some more.   Hold … Continue reading Once Before

I’m Not Blind

I'm not blind, Even though I don't see. Its quite clear What you're doing to me. Wasted time, Twisted with wasted breath. You had all of me, Took all I had left. Foolish to feel, Insane to believe, That you'd ever try To completely love me. Alone with my thoughts, Riddled with shame. Regret and … Continue reading I’m Not Blind


I'm exhausted. Seriously, I am feeling overworked and unhappy. I am currently working three jobs......which will explain my absence on WordPress. I simply do not have enough time for me anymore. I'm changing that. I have no need financially to be working three jobs. My quandary, however, is that I have three amazing jobs. So, … Continue reading Rambling

I Am A Child Of Divorce

Someone once told me that being a child of divorce will change you in negative ways. It will map the route of your future relationships, and scar you from ever fully trusting anyone. Do you think this is true? I'm a child of divorce. My parents were married for 10 years, and divorced when I was … Continue reading I Am A Child Of Divorce

It’s Ok To Admit You Need Help

I have NEVER been one to ask for help. Ever. I have always had a take charge attitude, almost superhero like to a fault. I take every situation and do my best to handle all of it. I will get overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted......and not ask anyone to help ease the load. My mind starts to … Continue reading It’s Ok To Admit You Need Help