I am a mom of three who loves to write. When I graduated high school, I planned on being a journalism major. Life took me a different way than I had planned, but now I am ready to write again. Better late than never!

I am a runner, an avid football fan, and have a bucket list about a mile long. I love the journey I am currently on, which is finding myself again, and find that I have been writing about that lately. Life is definitely full of surprises.

I love writing about all things in my life, my observations, and feelings. Basically, I just write what I feel. Sometimes the only way to truly get all of your feelings out is to write them down. Thanks for following along!




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  2. Life happens and takes us away from our original plans and expectations. But it’s always good to know where one’s passion lies and follow it eventually. It’s good that you are writing again, better late than never. Hope to read more posts so I’ll return. 🙂

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