Paying it Forward

We were at the Dollar Tree today picking up some candy and other odds and ends. As I passed a man wearing a Chicago Bears stocking hat down an aisle, my purse knocked some items off of a shelf. I bent down to pick them up, and as I did, the man also stopped to help. I thanked him and he said not to worry about it, as he put the items back on the shelf.

We got done shopping and headed for the checkout. Noah, Lilly, and I were each going to pay for our own items. I paid for mine first, and then waited as Noah paid for his. I noticed the same man in the Bears hat had gotten in line behind us during this time. As Lilly’s turn was coming up, she put the bar on the conveyor so that the man could place his items without getting mixed with hers. The man said ,”Oh, I thought you were going to pay for my stuff today.” Lilly laughed, and said no. She pulled her $20 bill out of her pocket, anxious to pay, when the man said, “well, how about I pay for yours today?”

She smiled and thanked him. I told him how we appreciated it so much, and thanked him for being so kind. He said he had kids and grandkids and was happy to do it. Lilly grabbed her bag of stuff, and we told him thanks again as we left. For the rest of the day the kids and I were so moved by his gesture. We talked about it for quite a while afterwards. Noah even gave change to the person ahead of him at McDonald’s who didn’t have quite enough to pay their bill. Such an amazing gesture by a stranger that opened our own hearts a bit during this season.

To the man in the Bears hat, from a fellow Bears fan, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for your kindness today, and thank you for filling our spirits more than you’ll ever know ❤

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