Dinner’s on Hold

We have a tradition in our house when it is someone’s birthday. Whoever has the birthday gets to pick where they want to go to dinner to celebrate. Nobody in the family can complain about the choice, because it’s the choice of the person with the birthday. We have done this for years with the kids.

As of late, our financial situation has not been the best, though we are working hard to get back on track. A moment came today that struck me hard. My oldest will be 19 tomorrow, the 16th. We had to tell her that her birthday dinner has to be delayed until my husband’s payday on the 20th. She was sad, but understanding. Then she said she figured that she wouldn’t even get it anymore since she is now an “adult.”

Like adulthood automatically cuts off your birthday from being important. Each year I do my best to make sure my kids feel special on their birthdays, and this includes the ceremonial dinner of their choice. I felt sad for her to learn she felt this would happen, and sad for me for not being better off to make the dinner happen on the actual birthday.

Lesson learned on my part. My adult child still needs to know she is important, just like we all do. And, note to self to always save up money for the birthday dinner ahead of time. My kids are so important to me, and I hope they always feel that they are. Even in adulthood, and even when the money is thin.

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