Life’s Perpetual Flow

Life is constantly flowing. It never just stops and holds still. It keeps moving, slowing down from time to time, but always in constant motion.

I wish I had the perspective on life at 18 that I now have at 38. Curious to what life would have looked like through those eyes then.

I am in school, work, and have 3 children that keep me busy. It is tough, but positive because I am moving forward. Obtaining a degree that I have longed for since I was 18. My kids are continuously growing, and becoming more independent. Life is flowing forward. 

My brother called me tonight, and told me he and his wife will be moving to Florida next June. He will have his bachelor’s degree then, and they will start a new life in a new place. Sad, but good…life’s constant motion.

It’s good to remember to stay in motion with it. That’s how you progress, and grow. Sit stagnant in the waters, and you’ll probably end up drowning. 

Just some thoughts going through my head as I wait for my kids at their volunteer meeting. I’m happy they still need me.

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