I’m The Weird Mom

Spring is here!!!! Isn’t it? Currently there is a winter weather watch just to the west of us…..and tomorrow is May 1st. Crazy!

I’m the weird mom who is secretly hoping for a snow day tomorrow. You think I am crazy, right? Because we have already had a lot of snow days this year, and our school year has already been extended by one day due to the weather. Okay, I will explain my reasoning.

My husband won a national teaching award, which I am very proud of. He has to go to the ceremony and conference at the end of May in Texas to receive his award. Being the wonderful wife that I am, I will be accompanying him on this trip. 😉 Our kids will be staying here with my mother-in-law while we are gone. I was excited when I learned that we were coming home on Tuesday evening, as the last day of school for our kids is now the last Wednesday in May, due to the snow days mentioned above.

You see, in the 16+ years that I have been a mom, and the 11+ years that I have been a mom of school aged children, I have NEVER missed the kids’ last day of school. I am the weird mom that gets emotional over their last day, takes the traditional last day of school picture, and takes them out for ice cream after picking them up to celebrate the start of summer. I love it!!

My husband came home with our plane tickets, and the date of return jumped out at me like a bad dream. “Return date : Wednesday, May 31 2:30 pm.” What?? We were told Tuesday night! I was planning the last day of school celebration and now? I’m the weird mom that was horrified to learn that I would be missing the kids’ last day of school for the first time ever…….I was devastated.

So now there is hope, thanks to this impromptu snowstorm forming to the west. Pleeeaasssee snow so much that school is cancelled! Please let there be one more snow day, so that the last day of school gets pushed to Thursday June 1st, and this weird mom can maintain her streak of never missing a last day of school. Please?

Being a weird mom is a pretty awesome thing. I love my children unconditionally and openly. I will dance with them in public, play with them in the rain, and sing with them loudly in the car. I tell them “I love you” every time I hang up the phone with them, or kiss them goodbye in the morning. I discipline them when needed, and give them the benefit of the doubt when warranted. I cheer them on during their school performances and extra curricular events. I am their biggest fan, biggest advocate, and biggest protector. I am the weird mom who has children that know how much being there on the last day of school means to her.

If Mother Nature could do me this one solid, I’d be ecstatic 😉

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