Andy’s Story

We lost our dear friend Andy in January. I was approached by the producer from KWIT, our local public radio station, about writing a piece to honor our friend. Andy loved listening to public radio. 🙂 After several edits of a longer piece I wrote, we finally ended with the perfect story. At first, I felt it was not enough to have just four minutes to speak my piece about Andy. My 1100 word story was cut to 680-ish words to allow for the time we had. After hearing it on the radio this morning, I realized it was the perfect amount of words to describe our incredible friend. Andy was the drummer in a band, along with my husband (on bass), and their friend Ryan (guitar and vocals). After Andy passed, Chris and Ryan got together and wrote “Andy’s Song,” which was played at his funeral. This song is also featured at the end of my story. I hope you enjoy listening to it. I feel this was the perfect tribute to an unforgettable friend ❤

Andy’s Story – KWIT 90.3

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