The Reality of March 15th

March 15th has a sting to it. The kind like cold winter air hitting your warm face. A sting like a knife slowly pressed into your soul, never to be removed again. March 15th carries the weight of the world’s saddest souls, and only casts shadows among the living on this day. March 15th is cursed in a way, that only those in our inner circle can understand.

March 15th is when we lost our best friend : a father, husband, son……tragically taken too 12828549_10153926528567457_1014387025005233938_osoon in a mechanical accident at a meat processing plant. March 15th is a day nobody will ever forget, as it was this wretched day that stole our friend, and changed the course of all of our lives forever.

Yes, for the last five years, March 15th rolls around and tears open a healing wound, only to set the process over again. It is such a dreaded day. The day our friend Rodney was stolen from this world.

Now, in the same respect, March 15th also happens to be the birthday of my husband’s cousin. The cousin who was like a brother to my husband. He was a father, son, brother, and probably the most tenderhearted spirit I have ever met. This man wore his heart on his sleeve, and would give you the shirt off of his back. His heart was so true, and his role in our family was immense. My children 30848_116269121750566_3367176_nlooked to him for fun times, and for comfort. Sadly, the year after we lost Rodney, we lost Anthony to another tragic accident. Four years without him, still feels like a lifetime. And the reality of it all still seems so surreal.

So, goodbye to this day. The day we should be celebrating Anthony’s 39th birthday with him. The day that should be like any other day in our world with Rodney in it. March 15th you are a thief, and a reminder of the day one of the most loving people was born….but never to spend a birthday with again.

This day will end soon, and we will have 364 more days until we relive the pain of the loss of two great men again. Sorrow does not even begin to describe the atmosphere of this day.

March 15th, you are no friend of mine.

21 thoughts on “The Reality of March 15th

  1. This is pretty sad. On March 15, 2017 (Today? Yesterday? Depends on your time-zone, I guess) I lost my great aunt. She was one of the bravest women I ever knew, and I can empathise with you right now.
    On an unrelated note, Caesar died on March 15 as well.Guess nobody ever got lucky on this date…

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  3. I am so sorry for your losses.

    My family has a day where we lost my grandfather ten years ago on this day, it is my aunt’s (his daughter) birthday, and this year we found out that my great grandfather was not the man we thought he was. In fact, we don’t know anything about him except for he is a different race. We’d grown up being told we were 100% German and now I’m comforting my aunt and mother through their loss and through having to learn a new identity.

    Everyone likes to talk about good anniversaries, and nobody likes talking about these kinds.

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