Our friend is dying, this is not fair!

A life so full of energy, just taken away.

A brother, a son, and a father…..

this is not fair for the poor little girl.


A slow death, snuffing out the light

of a man who truly cares

about his friends and his family.

No, this is not fair.


Watching and waiting,

the clock moves so fast.

I cannot bear the thought

of how this is deemed fair.


Miracles happen, almost everyday.

Time cannot be cut short,

with all left undone.

The unknown is not fair.


I cannot bring myself to visit,

though I know it should be done.

I will cry, and he’ll cry, and the clock will tick on.

I plead for your mercy, shine down on this son.

Our friend is dying.

Why him?

It’s not fair he’s the one.






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