The Frailty of Life


Our cat is pregnant. It has been such an exciting time for our family! The kids have been taking such good care of her. They make sure she eats enough, they have been rubbing her belly, and all that good stuff. They even were making bets on how many kittens she would have.

This morning her labor started. She was ready to go. We had made her a little spot in our oldest daughter’s closet, because that is where she had been laying for the past week. I had to leave for work, but only worked 4 hours today, so I told the kids to call me if there was a problem.

I got a call. The first kitten had come out. My daughter said it was all white with a black stripe on its head, and it wasn’t alive. She described to me that the mama cat was licking it, and nudging it with her nose, but the kitten was lifeless. My heart broke for her as a mother. I could picture her desperation to get her child to breathe.

My husband was home at the time packing for a trip he was leaving for, so I am glad the kids had him here. I called to check in with them on my break, and my daughter told me there were no more kittens. She said that the mama cat was just cuddling with the baby still. I told her not to move the baby until I got home, because I didn’t want to upset her anymore.

When I got home, we took the baby kitten away from her. We buried her under our pear tree. I petted the mama and told her I was so sorry. My heart broke all over again as I looked into her sad green eyes. She ate a little bit, and then became focused again. We have two more kittens so far, one dark orange, and one light orange. Both alive….both healthy. My mind keeps wandering to the white one with the black stripes…..I’m sure mama cat is thinking of it too.

Life is so confusing that way. A healthy full size kitten stillborn….no reason, just gone. It makes me think of how it is like that with us humans as well. Life really is so fragile. So much is taken for granted, so much is assumed that all with be ok with a situation, but we never really know. Each moment we have, each breath, truly is precious.

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