Dear Chris Cornell,

Back in February, when I heard that you were coming to our city to perform, I knew I had to be there. My husband and I talked, and we decided we could not let our son Noah miss the opportunity to see you live either. Then, when I heard that it was an acoustic show, I about lost my mind. I cannot even begin to describe the level of excitement that was racing through my brain! I got an email with a pre-sale code, and the day of that pre-sale in March, I sat in front of my laptop, watching the timer until it said “on sale now!”

I wrestled with myself that morning on which seats to pick. I wanted to make sure my husband and I would have an amazing view, but more importantly, I wanted to make sure my son Noah had the best view possible. I wanted to make sure we were in a spot where nobody’s head or body was going to block his view. My heart was racing as I was trying to decide. I could see the seats that others were purchasing, and they were getting taken at a pretty good pace! I finally decided : Box seats, right center, third row. Boom! Purchased…..and now we wait.

We decided not to tell Noah right away, and give him his ticket for his birthday at the end of June. The wait to share our excitement with him seemed to take years! And when the day finally came, Noah opened that card, saw the ticket, and was in complete shock. He got tears in his eyes, and said it was the best birthday gift ever! Perfect!

Thursday night came, and we were all so excited to get to the Orpheum to see you. You’d have thought Noah was going to meet you in person by how nervous he was! We found our seats, and waited for the show to start….

Noah started playing guitar around the age of 6. Nothing too exciting, but he was getting to know the instrument. His dad plays guitar, so they would play little bits together, and by the time he was 9, he had the fire and desire in him to learn more. His dad would teach him chords, and Noah would practice and practice. I was always hearing guitar through the house, and would hate to make him stop playing to go to bed at night. He’d go on YouTube and teach himself songs that others were playing. He would always gravitate to your music. He aspired to be as talented as you.

For whatever reason, the fire has started to go out this past year. He’d never be practicing when I’d get home from work, and when we’d ask him about playing, he’d just say he didn’t want to anymore. It was sad, because he was getting really good, and it was so great to see him that excited about learning guitar. I was sad that he’d lost the desire for learning guitar.

So, my secret motive here, was to use you, the one he aspired to be like, to be the one to light that fire again. And let me tell you, as soon as you were on stage playing, I could see his face change. You are more than just an amazingly talented artist. You sir, put on a show better than any I’ve ever seen. Song after song I could see the passion for guitar coming back to my son. He’d whisper, “mom, remember this song. I want to learn it.” I’m pretty sure I heard that from him over a dozen times during your show! The way he just watched you, and cheered after each song, made my heart swell with happiness.

On the way home, all he could talk about was how you played the guitar so amazingly. He took the CD’S from my car, so he could listen to them as he plays, as soon as we got home. At midnight that night, I could hear him playing guitar in his room. And I’ve heard it everyday and every night since. That sweet sweet sound is back!

So, I wanted to thank you for being the amazingly talented human being that you are, and for reigniting a passion in my son’s soul. I wanted you to know that you should always keep doing what you do. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll hear Noah doing covers of your songs soon.


Angie – a mom who’s heart is very full 🙂

11 thoughts on “Dear Chris Cornell,

  1. What a great story, and very bittersweet reading it today. You and your husband are great parents, taking your son to see Chris Cornell and hoping that would be the catalyst to get him to pick that guitar back up. And those seats looked amazing.

    It’s encouraging to read that someone your son’s age is inspired to pick up the guitar after seeing one of my big inspirations(from the late 80s no less) playing an acoustic set. That inspiration and influence is a beautiful thing.

    Thanks for sharing this story.

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