Heartbreaking Reality

I didn’t even get an invitation to my step-brother’s wedding. I don’t know why I was kept off of the guest list, and this has left me sad and confused. The more I think about it, the sadder I seem to get.

My dad married his mom almost 20 years ago, and with that union came many different feelings. Not all were positive, but over time, we all began to mesh together as family. There was no “step” in front of anything. It was, “this is my brother, this is my sister.”

As time went on, he was made a part of my wedding in 2005. He was the only family member to come visit when my son was born. We would talk on the phone regularly, and there were birthday calls, and holiday cards. Normal stuff.

The last time I spoke with my step-brother, was on my birthday last year. He called, and when I answered, he was whispering “happy birthday sis.” I asked him why he was being quiet, and he told me he was waiting in the car while his biological sister and fiancée were in a store. And as quickly as the call began, it abruptly ended when he said, “They’re coming. I’ve got to go.”

Like I am a secret? That call left me feeling so weird. And ever since then, I have not heard anything from him. He quit answering my calls and texts, and I quit trying to get in touch. My heart hurts as I hear that I am the only family member that received no invitation to this wedding, and I have nobody to vent to.

If my only crime is that I was born of the wrong blood, then it probably is best that I am not invited. But the feelings that this leaves are painful, and maddening. I feel like it was all for nothing, and find myself lost and left out.

Family is always first in my book. Blood or no blood, family is family. I will never be fake or secretive with any member of my family. But now it seems maybe I have to be more selective on who I let into my family circle……that’s the heartbreaking reality.

5 thoughts on “Heartbreaking Reality

  1. This makes me so sad for you. It hurts when friends do this, but it must have a special sting when its family. I don’t know your family dynamics, so I’m doing some assuming. The fact that no one has made this a point with him……surely one can’t ignore the elephant in the room.

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    • Thank you for your support. I don’t really think anyone knows! I talked with my sister last week, and she was in shock when I told her. She’s very upset at him….she’s also unable to attend the wedding due to a business event she has to be at. 😉


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