The Top Of The World

Prompt of the day – Window :

My husband left today for a business trip. This trip was different, however, because this time he was flying to his destination instead of driving. It makes me nervous when he flies, more so than when he drives, for many reasons. The main reason is that if the engine quits working on this vehicle, you can’t just get to the side of the road and wait for a tow truck. If the engine quits on this, there’s no soft place to land. Anyway, that’s the worrier in me coming out, and flying is actually a safe way to travel. It’s just a bit more nerve-racking when someone you love is doing the flying.

The kids and I all took him to the airport this morning, and it was exciting, especially for my eight year old daughter. Unlike her two siblings and myself, she has never flown. She was experiencing all of the airport ambiance with new and open eyes. We got my husband all checked in, looked around at the gift shop, and then said our goodbyes. She was inquisitive about what it was like to be in an airplane, and what could you see when you were so far up in the sky. The kids and I tried to answer her questions as we drove home.

As we all got on with our day, I got a text from my husband saying he’d made it to his first stop just fine, and was waiting to board his next flight. Phew! I was relieved. The hours passed, and I began to wonder why I hadn’t heard from him saying that he’d made it to his destination safely. I looked at the clock, and figured he should have landed well over an hour ago. And, as if he had some kind of knowledge of me thinking of him, I received these photos in a text :

He’d landed safely, and told me to show these to our youngest daughter. He’d gotten the window seat both times. 🙂 I called her over to me, and showed her the first photo. Her eyes were wide as could be, and she said, “he was above the clouds? That’s awesome!” With each picture, her eyes grew bigger and her smile got wider. She was so excited, that she had to call her brother into the room to see. She was on top of the world knowing that her dad had seen this in person today.

Amazing how beautiful this  view is. I’d forgotten how breathtaking it truly is, and it made me appreciate the fact that I have been able to experience it in person. It also made me realize that I need to take my daughter on a flight, so she can witness the feeling of being on top of the world for herself. And I’ll make sure she gets the window seat.


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