A Letter to My Son – In Detention

Dear Son,

Today is the day that you have been dreading for four days now. It will be a life changing event for you. You will serve one day in detention after school, and hopefully never be there again.

I wanted to make sure that you knew how much I love you. I am so incredibly proud of the young man you are growing up to be. Not only are you so very smart, but you have one of the purest hearts of anyone I know. You are not a disappointment to me. You see son, a mother’s love is very hard to lose. I am, and will always be, your biggest advocate, and will always be the person you find standing in your corner.

One bad choice does not define you. This day will not define you. Remember the talk we had? About how just because everyone else is doing something, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily the right thing to do. Being part of a crowd is not as important as being a caring member of society. You stand tall and be proud of doing the right thing. Even if it means you lose friends along the way.

The people who claim to be your friend, but encourage you to make poor choices, really aren’t good friends at all. But remember, YOU are responsible for your own actions. YOU are the one who can choose which path your life goes down. You are not a trouble maker; you just made a bad choice.

As you walked into the school this morning, my heart swelled with pride. I know what is in store for you today. I know the fear that fills your heart. I am so proud of your courage, to not only own up to your actions, but to endure the consequence of your choice. After today, you will have learned another life lesson, and I know you will only grow stronger from it.

Never lose the fire to learn more and do more. Never lose your heart, the one that leads you to care so much for others. The one that leads you to play dolls with your little sister, when you’d rather be playing video games, because it makes her happy. Never lose your character and your integrity. Do not let one mistake in life define your character.

It is my honor to be your mother. It is my honor to call you my son. I love you very much.


Mom xoxo

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