We All Made it to Midnight

Stroke of Midnight

Daily Post : Stroke of Midnight
“Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

New Year’s Eve has always been such an exciting night for me. When I was young, I always spent this holiday with my dad. We would make the drive from Wyoming to my grandparent’s home in the Black Hills to celebrate. They always had the greatest party at their place. My grandma made tons of food, and there were always so many people at their house to celebrate. Friends and family would come over to play cards at one of the many tables my grandpa would have set up. The atmosphere was amazing to be a part of. There was talking, and laughing. Everyone having such a fun time. Then we would all stop what we were doing to watch the ball drop, and say, “happy new year” to each other. After every one got to greet every person in the room with a hug, and a happy new year, the card games would resume into the wee hours of the morning. It was something I always looked forward to each year.

As time went on, and I got older, the trek out west wasn’t always possible. I’d spend new years with my friends, celebrating and having a little “too much fun.” I always longed to be with my family and friends in the Black Hills. I’d picture the people around the card tables, and the smell of all the good food. I’d make the best of where I was celebrating, but nothing quite beat being home for the holiday.

And still the years kept pressing on, and new years became more of a stay home event, than a party event. My children and I would make food, watch the Twilight Zone marathon, and play board games, as they tried hard to stay up until midnight to ring in the new year. Usually they couldn’t make it, and I would ring in the new year alone. I’d call my husband at work at midnight to say happy new year. (He always had to work night shift on new year’s eve). Then, I would call my family at my grandparent’s home to say happy new year, though they were a hour behind me in time. A few years later, the kids made it to midnight!! We would yell “happy new year!!” Call my husband, and my family, and I would try to wait for my husband to get home from work. Usually, I’d fall asleep on the couch, though 😉

This year was different. My husband has a new job, and he was home for the first new year’s eve in over ten years. The kids and I made food and snacks. We played games, and watched the Twilight Zone marathon. Everyone made it to midnight, and we blew horns and yelled “happy new year!” Every one had a glass of sparkling grape juice, and we talked about the year to come. It was so great to have us all home, and we had so much fun together. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in the world last night. Home sweet home.

9 thoughts on “We All Made it to Midnight

  1. Sounds perfect – Happy New Year 🎉

    I spent New Year working a nightshift – as I have for the past 5 years. I work in the Care Sector with Adults with Special Needs – this New Year I spent holding hands with one of my residents, counting down to Big Ben and watching the fireworks – I turned to her to wish her happy New Year – she was fast asleep 😄 x

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