Terror Among Us

In light of yesterday’s horrific events in Paris, everything seems so trivial now. The grocery shopping, the bills that need paid, the laundry, etc. Nothing seems to match the scale of importance as all of the lives senselessly taken yesterday. I have the same feelings that I had on 9/11. Same fear, same anger, same sense of protecting my family.

My heart is breaking for each and every person that lost a loved one yesterday. The grief that is consuming them today must be immense. Their sadness, their anger, their fear. Their loved ones that were just out for a Friday night. How tragic it all ended at the hand of selfish bullies.

After all, that is what the terrorists are. Bullies. Mean selfish people who think they are fighting for a cause. Who think that they are justified to murder whoever they please, causing fear around the whole world. Power hungry hurtful humans. They didn’t care for any of the people last night. They didn’t care about their families, or the lives they had yet to live. Murder was the agenda, and murder is what took place.

It is tragic and sad for me to think that my children are living in this time, while monsters like those are walking the earth, ready to strike anywhere at anytime. And I know you will say, “but we can’t stop living our lives, that is what the terrorists want us to do.” But in all honesty, how can we not live on heightened alert? How can we not be more cautious, and maybe change things around a bit at the thought of staying safer? Innocence is fading away.

After last night, the world we are living in has changed. The way we live in the world has changed. The way we live as one together must change. I have no answer as to defeating such evil, but I do know that if the world unites against it as one, we will make a much stronger front than what evil has planned.

I lived a little softer today. I didn’t let little things anger me as quickly, I listened to my children more intently, and I took in the beautiful day outside. The ugliness of the world still in the back of my mind, but not completely consuming it. I feel broken hearted, but not utterly defeated. And I will pray again tonight for each and every person hurting in Paris, and around the world.

#PrayForParis #PrayForTheWorld

peace peace2

4 thoughts on “Terror Among Us

  1. I wanted to write about this last night, but living NYC, memories of the day fourteen years, my emotions were all over, and couldn’t do it. It just brings me back to our own tragedy. A day that is already so vivid.
    You wrote so much of how I feel. I’m angry, I’m sad, and I’m fearful. They’ll move on in Paris, just like we did here, but the world has definately changed.

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