My Brain and 21 Grams

I’m trying to resurface some of my older posts that I think are relevant. It’s a hard process! I cannot decide which ones to “bring back to life.” Maybe I’ll just pick one a day 😉 Here’s todays post:

Source: My Brain and 21 Grams

2 thoughts on “My Brain and 21 Grams

  1. Hi there. I guess you can ease up the process by making it ‘sticky’:
    – [Dashboard] [Post] [Edit] [Visibility]
    – once there, check the ‘stick’ mark
    – then go to your homepage, and see what happens
    (Note: to put it back where it really belongs, just uncheck the mark)

    You can check out (no need to comment, I speak Star Trek :mrgreen: ) my post ‘tahun baru’ (that is ‘new year’, in Indonesian) for comparison. I wrote that about a year ago. I plan to put it there for a few weeks, then I will uncheck the sticky post. Flexible, huh? 🙂 Cheers!

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