Best Day

Have you ever given any thought to what the best day of your life has been? I mean truly stop and think hard about what was the best day you have ever had. Is it easy? Is it hard to do?

Today, my youngest daughter was telling me how she felt bad for me being a mom. I asked her why would she feel bad? She said I always do so much for her and her siblings, and I never complain about it. We talked about how that’s part of being a mom. You have to make sure your kids are always taken care of, always learning, always safe. We talked about the day she was born, and how happy I was that day. I found myself thinking back, fourteen years, to when my oldest was born, and back almost eleven years to when my son was born. I told my daughter the three best days of my life were when each of my kids were born.

Cliché? Maybe. Sappy? Probably. True? One hundred percent. Nothing that I have experienced, nothing that I have witnessed, and nothing that I have lived through can compare to the days when I became a mom. Each day came with its own happiness. Each day changed me in ways I was not ready for, but in ways that I am forever grateful. Each day made me forever thankful for the little lives that had just come into the world. I decided to put myself aside, and rise up to the honor of being responsible for these beautiful children. Have I stumbled along the way? You bet! But nothing in this world could shake the love I have for my children. There is really nothing I wouldn’t do to make sure they are safe, happy, and loved. What a true honor it is to be a mom!

My daughter listened intently as I talked, and when I was done, she gave me the biggest hug. Then she looked at me and said, “I love you mama. You’re the best mom I’ve ever had.” And as she ran off, I said, “How many moms have you had?” HA! I wouldn’t change a single thing about being a mom. Best days ever.

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