36 is Starting Off Great

Today is my birthday, and I am now 36 years old. Wow…..time has flown. Seems like just yesterday I was turning 30, turning 21, turning 16……

This is my first birthday in 10 years that I am not with any of my family. Usually I am in Deadwood with my dad and brother, surrounded by our families. We always run the Deadwood marathon together. My grandparents come to cheer us on. Then we celebrate. Some of the other times I was with my mom, step dad, and brothers. When my brothers graduated high school, I was there, and it just happened to be my birthday, too 😉 My cousin flew in from Las Vegas, and we sat and talked while drinking wine. Great memories.

This year, my little family and I are home. My youngest has her ballet recital tonight, and I chose to not run Deadwood due to the recital. I am excited to see her preform tonight! I got wonderful gifts from my husband and kids, and many calls, texts, and messages from friends. I feel truly blessed.

So, even though I am not with my whole family to celebrate this day, my heart is still full, and I am happy.1182844

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