Dearest Olivia Ruth

Beautifully said ❤

Beside His Badge

Dearest Olivia Ruth,

I met your momma once at a police ball she helped to produce. We said hello, introduced ourselves, and parted ways. She had such a warm smile and a strong handshake – kind and strong. I didn’t know your momma well; in fact I only knew her name, but sweet girl I know you have a wonderful momma.

IMG_5723Your momma served her city, and oh did she serve. She served her city every day when she placed her duty weapon in her holster and her badge across her chest. She chose a profession that is founded on serving – serving and protecting the City of Omaha. Additionally, she chose to continue serving her city on her “off duty” time. Her community service is inspiring – and I’m sure the media is only reporting a portion of all the wonderful things she did and all countless people she made an…

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