The Clock Is Still Ticking : Time Isn’t Waiting For You

I used to beg him for his time. It was pathetic, really. It was as if he was the only person in my life, and I had to convince him that he wanted to spend time with me. I had to constantly beg for a bit of his time, which he mostly gave to his … Continue reading The Clock Is Still Ticking : Time Isn’t Waiting For You

Dearest Olivia Ruth

Beautifully said ❤

Beside His Badge

Dearest Olivia Ruth,

I met your momma once at a police ball she helped to produce. We said hello, introduced ourselves, and parted ways. She had such a warm smile and a strong handshake – kind and strong. I didn’t know your momma well; in fact I only knew her name, but sweet girl I know you have a wonderful momma.

IMG_5723Your momma served her city, and oh did she serve. She served her city every day when she placed her duty weapon in her holster and her badge across her chest. She chose a profession that is founded on serving – serving and protecting the City of Omaha. Additionally, she chose to continue serving her city on her “off duty” time. Her community service is inspiring – and I’m sure the media is only reporting a portion of all the wonderful things she did and all countless people she made an…

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Contemplating Among the Tulips

This weekend is the 75th annual tulip festival in Iowa. It's a really fun weekend where you get to learn about, and celebrate the Dutch heritage. There are tons of beautiful tulips in the city, and many activities. As a child, my family and I would go every year, and spend the whole day there. … Continue reading Contemplating Among the Tulips

Family First?

I am convinced, as I have said many times before, that I was meant to be born in a different time. My focus today is on family. It seems that, in decades past, family was so much more important than it is now. I'm not just talking about siblings and parents, but all family.....grandparents, cousins, … Continue reading Family First?

Rainy Thoughts

Today I am melancholy, to say the least. It is my dear friend Hilary's birthday, my childhood friend who passed away unexpectedly on Christmas. (See Too Young) She would have been 36.....I will be the same a month from today. I'm sure it doesn't help that it has been raining all day, with no end in … Continue reading Rainy Thoughts

Some Wounds Take Longer To Heal

Remember in my last post when I said we had lost a family member while he was in custody? (See Here). Something happened this weekend that I feel the need to write about, that relates to him. A little back story......he was a loving and caring person, whom everyone loved. He died tragically and suddenly, … Continue reading Some Wounds Take Longer To Heal