My Grams – Hero(ine), Ballad, Anaphora/Epistrophe (Day 6)

She would wake up each morning before the sun,

to make breakfast every single day.

The house would stay clean, and laundry done,

she’d never have it any other way.

Her husband had passed back in ’78,

and she never married again.

She remained content alone in her house,

and forever faithful to him.

Her time was spent mowing, and beautifully growing

the flowers surrounding her place.

Her talent was painting such beautiful pictures,

each one full of love and such grace.

Her heart was so loving, and so very honest,

I always felt safe in her arms.

She taught me about gardening, about life, about living,

and about never causing people harm.

The years passed by, and still she charged on,

though her body wasn’t keeping up with her mind.

She let others help her with some of the tasks,

and through it all, her heart remained kind.

I hope, as she looks down on me,

she smiles, because I’m making her proud.

She was, and will be, a hero to me.

She has left a lasting legacy, there’s no doubt.

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