Losing A Legend

My friend’s father passed away yesterday in quite a tragic way. He was my goddaughter’s grandfather, and he was my friend. I have known him for almost 16 years now. When I first met him, he reminded me of John Wayne. He was very tall, I mean super tall, like 6 foot 200 inches 😉 He had these piercing slate blue eyes, and when he looked at you, you’d get caught in them forever. His voice was deep and booming, he was stoic, and man could he sing. He sang in local bars, and became quite a name around town. He’s just about as legendary as you can get. He would always defend you, and never back down from confrontation. He spoke his mind, and wasn’t shy to tell you what he really thought of things. And you knew his heart was always true to his word. He could make you laugh even in the darkest of times. He went to the ends of the earth for his boys, and stood by them through thick and thin. He loved his wife so deeply, and when she tragically passed away from a brain tumor over 10 years ago, you could see his heart break. He was not the same after that. I was honored to know him, and be able to call him my friend. I am thankful that he had my back one or two times in my younger days, I am thankful for all of the jokes and the butt kicking he gave me once or twice, and I am forever grateful for all of the times I had with him. My heart is broken for his granddaughters, as they recently just lost their other grandfather to an illness two weeks ago. I find it hard to comprehend how this pain can fall on such young hearts. I pray for peace for his surviving two children, and his grandchildren. In all of the anger, sadness, and confusion of his passing, I take comfort in knowing he is with his beloved wife again. I can just picture what a loving reunion that will be, and I know he’s singing his heart out now.

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