How Do You Stop Stressing?!?!

I am, by nature, a worrier, highly anxious, and continuously analyzing my surroundings. I always try to stay one step ahead of any situation. I want to be in control, because if I’m not, I fear that things will not be done right. I take on too much.

Now, it seems, that this stress and worry is actually taking a toll on my health. Have you heard of such a thing? Well, the Today show was talking about it, and their story seemed to confirm things my doctor has been telling me for the past year. Could it be true that stress and worry can take such a toll on your body?

This article seems to hit the nail on the head for me. Another source of proof that maybe my doctor might be onto something here. Wow! Who knew?

When I went for a run last March, I almost passed out. Now, mind you, I am a runner. Not hardcore, but not a beginner. I know my body’s limits, and know what I need to do before and after a run. I was about 2.5 miles into my run, and I instantly became lightheaded. My heart was pounding, and I was dizzy. I was on a side street and was sure I was going down. I walked back to my car, after sitting for a while. I was in a panic after that. What was wrong with me? This had NEVER happened to me before. My doctor ran several tests, and even made me wear a heart monitor for a whole month. Everything came back normal, and all he could tell me was to stop being so stressed.

My question is, how do you “stop stressing?” What can I do? It’s frustrating, really. Maybe I’ll go worry about it for a while 😉

23 thoughts on “How Do You Stop Stressing?!?!

  1. Don’t stress over things you have no control. Take care of the things you can and check them off you list. Don’t stress over the things on your list you didn’t complete today – there is always tomorrow. As you have experienced, stress will take you out. Good luck.

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  2. Your first paragraph describes me to a “T”. I have no idea how to stop stressing. Everyone says don’t stress over things you can’t control, but if only it were so easy for some of us. The only thing I can say is find something that helps you relieve that string. I use to be a stress eater, but now when I workout. The problems are still there, but for a few hours, I feel a sense of relief.

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    • Excuse the typos, I meant *stress


      I use to be a stress eater, but now I workout. The problems are still there, but for a few hours, I feel a sense of relief.

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      • I am glad I am not alone!! I used to be a smoker, that helped with my stress (yeah right). I quit, and then I started running, and that has been a huge stress reliever for me. I don’t run much in the winter, though. And honestly, since the incident last March, I have been more cautious when I do run. I agree with you, that things are easier said than done……I just have to figure out how to get it done so I don’t become my own martyr!

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  3. It seems that you are stressing about your stress! Have you tried meditation at all? I find that if I do yoga, a five minute savasana (meditation) helps and I can feel it on the days I don’t practice.

    Another thing is when you are in the midst of it, ask yourself if the problem will make a difference in a year, a month or a week. If not, then don’t make it matter.

    Finally, a friend told me that a stress is like a wish for bad things. I try to keep that in mind when I feel like I’m going over the edge. Hope it helps.

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  4. Let me say this to you and anyone else reading (and I apologize for sounding like one of those God-awful self-help, fluffy books with no substance):

    You are the only you on the planet. Your life is valuable and it matters. THEREFORE, you must treat yourself and love yourself in a balanced way so that you can live out your life’s purpose. That includes removing the stress as much as possible. How? Let go of the things that aren’t aligned with who you truly are, and people too, if you need to. Learn to say NO, even to family and close friends. Your health comes first.

    Smile. Do things that bring you joy. Give and help others. I agree with the previous writer on meditating. I don’t like the statement, don’t worry over things beyond your control. But do worry over things under your control? I see it this way: nothing is really truly under our control. Things and LIFE can change in an instant, and you’re left wondering what, who, WHY. I said it above – let go of what’s not really representative of who you are and what you stand for. I call it LIFE INVENTORY.

    I’m no professional therapist or anything, not a life coach, I just have faith. Hope this helps.

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  5. Speaking as a non-female 🙂 I can confirm that men get stressed, suffer panic attacks etc. too. And I agree that it is not fun! Happily, that is now way in my past. I was told the Mexican hat story…
    I imagine that your life is the hat, viewed from above. It is a small circle within a bigger one. (With me so far?) The big circle is all the shit going on in your life and the world around you – kids, partner, job, money, world peace etc. The smaller one is what you can actually do something about right now – like getting a well paid job and not worrying about the kids. Focus on what is really in the small circle, not what you believe should be, and you will find that not only do you have fewer real problems, but that you can actually fix a few things.
    From what I have read, your kids are bright enough to survive for a while in a less challenging environment – you just have to let them. And you will get a job that will show the less supportive person you mentioned that you are better than he (or she) thinks.

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  6. Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major, Op. 73.

    Add a quiet place with just yourself. Meditation starts with exploring yourself. You have to release the world around you to better understand the one within. I generally head off to bed about 30 minutes before I NEED to be asleep, so that I can ‘find center’ before conking our for the night. My wife and I generally meditate together, which is awesome because if I find some special clarity or something stands out in my mind, I have someone I trust right there to bounce it off of.

    Absolutely keep blogging. Just keep doing you, and be positive about yourself.

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  7. Scotch and Weed!

    No, just kidding. I’m pretty sure there is not the one way to cope with that. But sport is usally a good solution to free ones mind.
    Keep on running.

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