Yesterday I read a blog post titled Live and Learn by Jaycie Cheatham. I was intrigued by her blog, as I found we had some similarities, and I decided to read this post.

I found myself taken by her words, as lately, I too have been looking back on what moments have shaped my life to be as I live it today. Life lessons learned, and situations I have overcome, or failed, seem to be what I reflect on the most. It seems they are always the harsh or negative ones that seem to have impacted my life course. I wonder why that is?

I am reminded of a country song by Brad Paisley, “If I Could Write A Letter To Me.” If only we could send our seventeen year old selves a letter from where we are now, a heads up or a warning, saying “don’t go to that party,” or “you have to go to college after high school.” Although I do believe that lessons like don’t talk too much, or don’t be so shy are important, the harsh life lessons that we survive, are the ones I believe truly build our character.

The biggest moment that I have learned from in my 35 years on this planet is this: Never make other people’s priorities more important than your own. That’s what I did at the age of 19, and I believe it truly changed the course of my life. For the better, or the worst, I don’t know. I just know it did. I gave up on me, to put all of my energy into another human being. That was so dumb!

I let all of my goals and priorities crumble away, and by the time I opened my eyes to what I was doing (four years later), I was too far gone. I tried so hard to reconnect with my old goals, but by this time they would be harder to obtain. Everything turned into a constant struggle. Now, I look at all of the events of my past with wiser eyes, and I am moving forward with my goals of 10+ years ago. I just have to go about them a different way.

I applaud the ones who can see with this insight at an earlier age than I did. Always be your own number 1, and your hardest critic. We only have one life, so we better make it a happy one.

18 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Great post, I too struggle with putting my priorities first. My biggest problem is volunteering to help people, picking up the extra shift at work because “nobody else can do it.” and sacrificing family time.
    You’re right about the difficult times being the most formative, when I think back to the difficult times I have had I always came out the other side stronger and better equipped to cope with what the world sent my way.

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