This Post Is For You

My daily assignment for today is to write a post to my “dream reader.” That’s a tough one! I actually have never thought about who I am writing to, because I just write what I feel. So, to have to choose who I really want to write for is a challenge.

I write to people like me. Overwhelmed moms who love their kids so much, and question every choice they are making. Those who have so many thoughts inside of their heads, that sorting them all out works best when writing. To those who want to go back in the past, and change choices they have made for a different outcome. Or to those who accept that their choices have led them to where they are, and are ready to step up and make things right.

I write to people not like me at all. Those who are in different life places, have different dreams, and live different lives. Those who are adventurous, and those who are timid. I write for those with no voice, and write so the outspoken will listen. I write in the hopes of becoming published one day, and I write in hopes that nobody will ever find me.

I hope that even one person will read what I say, find my piece interesting, and take something away from it.

For you, and for me, I just write.

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” ~Benjamin Franklin

8 thoughts on “This Post Is For You

  1. I think it is awesome! I was just thinking about how the assignment for today kind of made me stop and try to think who I was writing to. I am new to blogging but I have kept a journal off and on all my life. I don’t know who I have been writing to. I think just myself but also anyone that can relate. So I am very happy to see that someone else (you) were able to put this down so quickly. Applause!!!!!!!!!!

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