I Am A Child Of Divorce

Someone once told me that being a child of divorce will change you in negative ways. It will map the route of your future relationships, and scar you from ever fully trusting anyone. Do you think this is true?

I’m a child of divorce. My parents were married for 10 years, and divorced when I was 5. They were horrible together, and I know, that if they would have stayed together just for me, I would have turned out really screwed up. It was almost a blessing that they divorced when they did. They both began to better themselves after they had separated. They were both there for me, never fought in front of me anymore, and eventually both remarried wonderful people. So, in the end, I got two healthy biological parents, and two wonderful step-parents out of them divorcing.

Sometimes I see my life as a parallel of my mother’s. I wonder why I didn’t avoid some of the mistakes she had made in her past. I wonder why I didn’t take from her lessons, and flourish a I should have. Instead of settling and clinging to the hope that I can change someone.  Only to finally realize that power is not with in me to do, and the years have ticked by. Opportunities have been lost, and now I have put my children in the cross heirs of possibly becoming children of divorce themselves.

Really, I am just ranting. I have nowhere else to vent. If I were to do things over again, I’d definitely do things differently. I hope my children learn from me.

12 thoughts on “I Am A Child Of Divorce

  1. I too am a child of divorce. I feel it was a blessing rather than a curse. I was a bit younger than you were when my parents separated. My story seems very different from yours, but I can tell you I feel bless and thankful that my mother divorced my father. I know there are things I missed out on by not having a father around, but those were much better than if he were around. I hope I learn from my mother’s mistakes. Thanks for the reminder. Keep writing, I love it!

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    • Thank you so much! I believe that if my parents hadn’t divorced, my dad wouldn’t have been around. After the divorce, my dad sobered up. I don’t think he would have if they’d stayed married.


  2. appreciate your honesty and its something that stays in the back of your mind because they come together and bring you into the world and yet other aspects of said relationship don’t fit the puzzle. hard to figure out why. i applaud your words and blog. peace

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