If I Jump, You Jump…….Right??

Changes in life are always less scary if you have someone to walk the journey with you. Even if they aren’t experiencing the same exact change you are, it is great to have someone there to be your cheering squad, your encourager, your voice of reason.

Can the same be said that sometimes, when faced with change, it is best to go it alone? After all, going it alone helps build a thick skin, a sense of self. Nobody there stating their opinion makes you think for yourself, guarantees you will more than likely follow your gut sense, and not someone else’s.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned as I go through life….it really is true, that you are always your own advocate. Don’t rely on someone else to fix things for you. Fix them yourself. Don’t rely on someone else to change your situation. Change it yourself. And don’t rely on anyone else to make you happy. NEVER. Make yourself happy, by finding out what you love, and then doing the things you love that make you happy.

The wisdom I wish I had about 15 years ago……but I digress. Change is swirling around me right now. I find myself walking the path alone, and I’m okay with it. I am learning about me, and learning how to make decisions with only my own input and my heart. I am finding myself not so reliant on what those around me think of me, because if I am content with me, and what I do, it doesn’t matter if people approve or disapprove. Their happiness is not above mine.

If I am not happy with me, then how could others be happy with me? So, I’m jumping into change open minded, and eager to learn. Who best to walk this road with, but me?

6 thoughts on “If I Jump, You Jump…….Right??

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