Words as Weapons

Why do people think it is alright to be sharp tongued to those they love? If you express how you feel about something to someone, you should not have to be scared that they will use your own words as weapons back at you. If anything, this just makes someone want to shut down communication with you altogether.

It’s as if you are dismissing the other person’s feelings! We should not have to be afraid to share feelings. We should not have to be worried that someday down the road, our words will get thrown back at us as knives.

Listen when someone you love is sharing with you. Even if it’s not something you really want to hear, at least take into consideration their concerns. Actually hear what they have to say. Stop building walls, and gathering defenses while they speak…..just listen.

3 thoughts on “Words as Weapons

  1. Most awesome! I say, words carry great power. They can inflict wounds, start wars, and break hearts… But they are also the only thing that can reach into the soul heal the deepest wounds. Dumbledore says, words are our inexhaustible source of magic! Hehe
    I like your post, my thought on words is that a person’s choice of words tell a lot about who that person is. It’s like a snapshot of the soul (:

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