I should have listened to my parents…..

When I was a teenager, I knew everything. Or I didn’t really at all.

My parents warned me about the usual things, like don’t have too much credit card debit. I failed listening to that warning, by the way.  However, the one thing that always sticks in my mind is my mom telling me to make sure I took care of me. What the heck does that mean? I blew her off, and started to live my life the way I wanted. At eighteen, I figured that I knew everything, and my parents were only telling me things to try to control me. Forget that. I have it all covered……

Now, at the age of 35, I look back at every missed opportunity I had, because I thought I knew it all. I always made my choices in life based on how the outcome would make other people feel. I never took care of me. I hurt for myself for not allowing me to reach my full potential. I curse at myself for putting love above my own successes. I cannot believe how I seem to have failed myself, and how now, not taking care of me has started to affect the life I try to maintain now.

Pity party? Maybe. A punch in the face from reality? That’s it. I ache for my children to hear me when I say to them, “take care of you first.” Make sure you have yourself in check, and priorities straight before you allow others feelings into your decisions. As I say these words to my teenage daughter, I hear my mother’s voice echo the same words. As I see my daughter roll her eyes at me, I see my face seventeen years ago while listening to my mom. I wish she could know how true these little words are.

Take care of you first……

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